Our history

OOO «Sensor Spin Technologies» (OOO «SST») was founded in 2015 by a leading quantum physicist Alexey Akimov and entrepreneur Andrey Smolyaninov.

The goal of the company is to implement an Alexey Akimov’s project – “Development of quantum gyroscope, based on usage of the nitrogen nucleus spin (natural gyroscope) in nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamond”.

• 2015: the project was presented to Scientific Advisory Counsil of “Skolkovo” Foundation and gained support by a solid vote. OOO “SST” received “Skolkovo” Foundation resident status and 5 million rubles mini-grant for scientific idea testing;

• 2016: 8 million rubles were raised from High-Tech Seed Fund IPA – an AO “Russian Venture Company” and a private investor OOO “Tonap-Venture” company;

• 2017: an R&D grant from “Skolkovo” Foundation was received in the amount of 30 million rubles with simultaneous raising of 10 million rubles of private investments;

• 2019: private investments in the amount of 10 million rubles were raised, which were allocated for a laboratory prototype testing, confirming the principle of work of the new gyroscope type;

• 2020: Russian Venture Company management suggested to OOO “SST” to realize the project within The Agency for Strategic Initiatives National Technology Initiative.

On 21st of September the project was approved by Interdepartmental working group for development and realization of the National Technology Initiative of the Government commission for Russia economy modernization and innovation development, RVC was recommended to reach grant agreement with OOO “SST” for experimental design work on 60 million rubles, with a condition to raise private co-investments.

A grant agreement between OOO “SST” and RVC Fund was signed in December of 2020, nowadays the project is being conducted according to the approved schedule.

From 2015 till today the project activities have been performed in the “Active media optics” laboratory of The Lebedev Physical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences (https://www.lebedev.ru) within FIAN and OOO “SST” joint laboratory.