September 2021

Olga Rubinas made a poster presentation “NV centers in HPHT diamonds for magnetometry applications” (authors: Rubinas O.R., Soshenko V.V., Bolshedvorskii S.V., Zeleneev A.I., Sorokin V.N., Smolyaninov A.N., Tarelkin S.A., Vorobyov V.V., Vins V.G., Sukhanov A.A., Akimov A.V.) at the international conference METANANO 2021, which took place online on September 13-17, 2021. The conference was organized by the Department of Physics and Engineering at ITMO University with the support of the Mediterranean Institute of Fundamental Physics. The conference was attended by scientists working in various fields of modern science, such as photonic and plasmonic, radio frequency and bio nanotechnology. The conference also presented reports in the field of working with NV centers: “Directional luminescence of the diamond NV center via Bloch surface waves in one-dimensional photonic crystals, Anna Bragina”, “Scanning magnetometry with NV centers in diamond, Christian Degen” and “Single photon sources based on HPHT nanodiamonds, Alexander Gritsienko”.